KnD Coins and More Photography and graphic design
KnD Coins and MorePhotography and graphic design

KnD Coins and More: Challenge Coins and Photography

Location Photography, Photographs for display, Coin Designs

KnD Coins and More is a professional photography and graphic design studio in the Middletown, PA area. We offer a wide range of photographic images, from our stock art photos, on-location portraits, group and family photos, and professional graphic design services including military challenge coins, key chains and medallions. Our professional and creative work reflects a long history behind the camera and with the pen.


We take great pride in our ability to create photography you want to display in your home or office. We also take great pride in helping you design a coin, key chain or medallion you will be proud to carry. To see for yourself, click below to have a look at our complete portfolio.



Here are a few samples:


At KnD Coins and More, we use the most current technology and equipment to deliver high quality images and coins that satisfy your every requirement.


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